about änkôr

Opened in November 2020, änkôr has been showcasing its vision of a contemporary Canadian cuisine. Our venue let you indulge in an approachable yet refined atmosphere that delivers an experience resonating with each guest.

Surrounded by a team driven by passion, Chef Danny Beaulieu takes pride in honoring the richness of the Canadian terroir in each creation.

Our sommelier Julie Hélie curates a wine list designed to pair with the creations chef Beaulieu & his team brings to the table. Enhancing our approach to what we believe is an outstanding gastronomic experience.

Also, elaborated seasonally, ãnkôr offers a diversified local beer selection as well as a Canadian spirits focused cocktail list.

The Team

Chef | Owner

Danny Beaulieu

Born and raised in Sherbrooke, Québec chef Danny Beaulieu spent his younger years traveling. His career in the kitchen didn’t start until he was 22, he first started as a server & bartender in various venues before making a move to the kitchen where he found his true passion. Honing his skills in various restaurants for over a decade chef Beaulieu finally decided to launch his career to the next level by opening änkôr in November 2020. Now after 3 years, surrounded by a team that is driven, knowledgeable and aiming at the same goal with passion. Chef Beaulieu is able to offer a culinary journey that is elevated yet approachably warm and comforting.

Sous Chef

Jérémie Boudreau

Originally from Québec, Jérémie has been chef Beaulieu's right hand man since day one. After graduating in the culinary art in Ottawa "Jèr" traveled the world for 4 years where he honed his skills in various venues and some of Australia's best. A gentle soul and a pillar to änkôr's success Jérémie works hard day in and day out to keep the standards that are expected of our establishment.

Assistant General Manager

Paisley Randell

West Coaster, hard core skier & a musician at heart Paisley grew up in Nelson & Whistler. After graduating from business school with the hope to someday own something of hers. Randell is well rounded in the industry, from bartending to serving in various establishment and now managing änkôr she brings the perfect amount of quirky to lighten the air when needed.


Julie Hélie

Born and raised in Sherbrooke, Québec Julie graduated from ITHQ where she learned the art of doing things right in this industry. She then specialized herself to enhance her knowledge and studied to become a Sommelier. Hélie's love for wine is shared with every guest that joins us as she describes a bottle or explain a fun fact about the producers that are part of our award winning cellar she curated.